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Who are we?

She is Paleorina, born and bred in Singapore. He is Paleozilla, born in the UK but living in Singapore. We are both interested in maximising our health by eating cleanly and exercising effectively using paleo principles.

What are paleo principles?

Essentially, the paleo approach to health is primarily about the food we eat.  It boils down to avoiding grains, sugars and modern vegetable oils in favour of high-quality meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables. This is a good resource. So is this. Other aspects of the paleo lifestyle include the way we approach exercise, the products we use on our bodies and the way we sleep.

Why start this blog?

It’s not easy to eat paleo in Singapore, the land of delicious roti prata and char kway teow. We want to document our strategies of living a paleo lifestyle here and hopefully, this will help other primal eaters in Singapore!

What do you write about?

This is broadly a health and fitness blog. Apart from talking about paleo eating, Paleorina is very vain and is constantly in pursuit of ripped abs.



  1. Dan says:

    Hi Paleorina! This is Dan from Thanks for checking out my site. I’m stoked to see what you’ve put together… SOLID. Keep up the good work!

  2. Paleorina says:

    Thanks Dan! I’m looking forward to your updates as well. It’s good to share resources!

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